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A Place for Healing

OMNI Healthcare Clinic is a Wellness Naturopathic centre located in Oshawa that caters to people of all ages and gender, and offers a wide range of treatments depending upon the individual. We provide holistic natural support, functional medicine testing and treatment, aimed at root causes, and acupuncture including cosmetic facial acupuncture

We are located at 50 Richmond St, Oshawa, Unit 102

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We prescribe Dessicated Thyroid and Bio-Identical Hormones.

Naturopathic Medicine helps the Whole Body

We at Omni Healthcare focus on the body’s capacity to heal itself, using various natural modalities of treatments to get to the root cause of health imbalances. We offer functional medicine testing and treatments as well

Located in Oshawa in the Durham region of Ontario.

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The goal of Omni Healthcare is to treat the whole person — that means mind, body, and spirit. We also aim to heal the root causes of an illness — not just stop the symptoms. Medical care plans are individualised and designed to suit individual needs and health conditions. 

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Pain & Suffering are NOT Inevitable!

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Your gut doesn’t lie!

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Depression and Naturopathy

Naturopathy, by the very virtue of the basic fact that it takes a holistic view of the person, including looking at their mental and emotional states in addition to physical ones, is aptly suited to support treatment of conditions like depression and anxiety.

Joint Pains and Joint Swelling

Joint pains and joint swelling are not a pleasant sensation to have, to say the least. The causes can be varied, the presentation can be varied, it could be an osteoarthritis or it could be a rheumatoid arthritis, it could have appeared seemingly suddenly, or it could be an insidious onset.

Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

Our Naturopathic treatment addresses the root causes of illness. It supports the body’s own healthy ability using treatments and prevention techniques that include acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, botanical medicine, physical medicine (such as massage and hydrotherapy), clinical nutrition, homeopathic medicine, dessicated thyroid, bio-identical hormones and lifestyle counselling.

Who can benefit from Naturopathic Medicine

Our Naturopathic doctors (NDs) help people of all ages and health histories who want to take their health into their own hands.

It may be an option for people who might not find relief for their chronic illness through allopathy. In some cases, you can use both conventional and naturopathic medicine to treat an illness. For example, naturopathic remedies may help ease the side effects of chemotherapy. But remember to tell your regular doctor about any naturopathic treatments you’re on. And, you should tell your naturopathic doctor about your conventional medications. That way, both providers can work as a team for your health.

Treat Illnesses with Naturopathy

Naturopathy believes that the primary cause of any disease is the accumulation of morbid matter in the body, and the bacteria are the secondary cause. Bacteria and viruses get into the human body only when the body accumulates morbid matter.

Asthma, Allergy and Sensitivity Support

The practices & principles of Naturopathy are older than those of conventional medicine & are globally known for promoting & maintaining body’s long-term optimal health.

Gut Repair Protocols & Microbiome Support

Gut Health is the root cause of a lot of inflammation, allergic, hormonal, brain, cognition issues. We provide targetted protocols based on the individual presentation, including targetted testing as and when needed

Chronic Disease support and prevention

We support healthy hormones and metabolism support and target deficiencies to tackle chronic diseases and strengthen sugar metabolism and cardiovascular sytems and other chronic ailments. Preventing the disease from developing in the first place, is the most effective way of combating it. In Naturopathy, prevention of disease is at the forefront of the field, followed by proper nutrition in order to gain a healthy body & a healthy immune system.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep & Mental Health Support

Naturopathic medicine offers solutions to get to the root cause of mental health issues and overcome insomnia & other sleep disorders. Functional medicine testing and treatments, Nutritional Supplememnts, Detecting and Replenishing Deficiencies, and Herbal treatments offered in Naturopathy combined with a nutritional regimen ultimately helps 

Bone, Joint, Knee, Back Pains & Osteoporosis Support

The gut has a large role to play in inflammations and pains. We look not just at the structural issues, but also underlying deficiency and predisposing issues to help get at the root cause. Naturopathic practice aims at treating the underlying disease & disorders & restoring the natural body functions by encouraging the body’s own healing capacities. It assists the body’s healing powers by using safe & effective non-pharmaceutical approaches.

We can HELP
If you suffer from or are looking for support from any of these:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – Autism – Chronic Pain – Joint Pain Inflammation – Arthritis – Digestive Conditions – Stress Anxiety – Mental Health – Ageing – Energy Support – Women’s Health – Men’s Health – Hormonal Balancing – Adrenal Fatigue – Thyroid Support – Sleep – Headaches – Migraines – Asthma – Allergies – Food Sensitivities – Atopic Dermatitis – Skin Conditions – Chronic Conditions – Hypertension – Diabetes  –  Inflammation – Healthy Microbiome and Probiotics – Detox and Liver Support – Antioxidants Boost –  Integrative Cancer Care – Autoimmune diseases – Breathing difficulties – Knee pain – Stomach pain – Naturopathy clinic – Tincture, lab – Functional medicine – Supplements – Homeopathy – Herbals – Diet and Nutrition