No, we are not talking about gut feelings or instincts today (though we might delve into that at some point too!). We are talking about your gut health and any symptoms of an imbalance or gut dysfunction. This is an important topic because you ignore these symptoms at your own peril:)! After all, you are what you imbibe, and what are you imbibing more than the food and liquid through your gut? (apart from the intangibles through your other senses, which as we previously made clear is a matter for another day:).

However, not to stray from the topic at hand, what I am trying to emphasize here is the importance of the diet you take, and how you take it. And likely your gut will understand first whether you are feeding it properly or not, and will communicate that with you through some symptoms, possibly digestive issues. This is your gut telling you to make some changes. Soon. For starters, it wants you to reduce the processed foods and artificial sugars in your diet!

When God or The Higher Power (or Evolution) made you, they also made for you natural sources of nourishment and relied on you to imbibe these natural foods for which they prepared your body’s digestive systems. They did not prepare your body to deal with some fancy chemicals with un-pronouncable names and did not expect you to imbibe them and put your gut and body in complete confusion! So ditch these now and take some healthy foods and fibers instead, and if needed have your gut looked at by a naturopath to assist in healing it from the damage that has ensued.

When such insults to your gut are perpetrated and its protesting symptoms ignored, that will also likely go on to influence your energy, your hormones, your inflammatory and immune components if allowed to proceed further. So do yourself a favor and don’t ignore these symptoms. If you are having symptoms of heaviness, or reflux, or cough or brain fog after eating, or IBS (a topic in itself for another day), or constipation or recurrent diarrhea, it is good to get some support sooner than later.

To learn more on how to optimize your diet and nutrition, and to address your digestive symptoms before things proceed further, do indulge in some self care and book an appointment with your friendly neighborhood naturopath or functional medicine practitioner, for some comprehensive holistic care to get back your happy worry free gut feeling and life back!