Frequently Asked Questions

What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a comprehensive holistic look aimed at optimizing your well being through various natural modalities like diet and nutrition, botanicals, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, homeopathy.

A comprehensive intake is done, lab tests if needed, and a holistic plan generated to treat and prevent illnesses and to optimize your well being, energy, sleep, and mind body balance to help you live and enjoy life to your optimal potential with a feeling of happiness and well being.

What do naturopaths do?

Naturopathic doctors work to identify underlying causes of illness, and develop personalized treatment plans to address them. They ask you detailed questions about your symptoms, your environment, living situation, mental health and family history in order to understand what might be causing your symptoms.

Do naturopaths do any tests?

Naturopathic doctors will use diagnostic tools such as detailed health, disease, and prescription drug histories, physical exams, and targeted laboratory testing and imaging when assessing your needs.

Are naturopaths licenced?

Naturopathic doctors are registered and licenced in Ontario through the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

How do naturopaths treat us?

Naturopathic doctors will work closely with you over time to help ensure your success. They will use different modalities. They may help you shift your mindset to make and sustain lifestyle changes. They may help you get to know yourself and your body better and get detailed information about symptoms and how you feel. They will engage in a dialogue about your health, and participate in decision-making about treatment options.

Can we use insurance for naturopathic services?

Most extended health insurances offer naturopathic coverage. Please check with your insurance provider for the exact amount they provide.

How long is a visit?

An initial visit is usually 1 hour for a comprehensive intake. A follow up visit maybe 30 minutes or 1 hour if it involved a procedure like acupuncture along with a follow up. Acupuncture or cupping only visits are 30 minutes.

Do you offer cashless billing?

Yes, we offer cashless billing for most extended health insurances.

Is consultation free?

No, naturopathic consultations are not free. You can however book an initial 15 minute consult to see how we can help you.

How can I book a consult?

You can either call us or text us at 905-370-0550. You can als book online from the links in our website. Or you can email us to book.

Are visits in person or virtual?

We offer in person visits, as well as visits over the phone or video call.

Do you do lab testing?

We provide lab testing requisitions for various tests like hormonal, environmental toxins, anti oxidants, food sensitivity testing, stool tests, urine tests, apart from the routine serum tests.