Our Services

Virtual Consultation

It is simple. Just call us and book a virtual consultation. It is 905-370-0550.

Home Visit

Depending on your situation, if you have signed up with us, we provide the convenience of Home Visit in the Durham region. Serving Ajax / Whitby / Bowmanville / Pickering / Scarborough / Oshawa / Courtice.


Acupuncture can help you in multiple ways, not just pain relief, but also release your stress, calm down your systems, release stagnation, provide rejuvenation and energy, optimize digestion, among others. Contact us to book a session

Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Think of it as the natural Botox. We can help mitigate wrinkles, make skin smoother, help mitigate ageing effects, with facial rejuvenation acupuncture and avoid any external substances and chemicals through multiple sessions of acupuncture as needed

Dietary Consultation

Diet and nutrition are the cornerstone of our health, the root of imbalances, and the first step towards naturopathic and functional medicine therapies to healing. We provide dietary and nutritional advice and lab work evidenced strategies to replenish deficiencies. We also prescribe dessicated thyroid and bio-identical hormones.

Nutritional Supplements

Did you know that research has shown that people who take supplements are generally more healthy than those who don’t.
Did you also know that a majority of supplements tested in one did not have the substances that they purported to contain. So what supplements do you need and what brands are good. Contact us to know more.


A comprehensive holistic consultation to get to the root cause of your symptoms and optimize your well being, and provide you the tools for self care, not just temporary mitigation of symptoms. Call us to book one now.


Cupping sessions are offered to help with back pain, neck pain among others by increasing blood flow to concerned areas through cupping and massage therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine

We look at your health and well being through the eyes of Chinese medicine, try to balance your well being and meridiens through herbs and acupuncture and a tongue and pulse assessment. TCM can at times treat you before conventional systems are even able to diagnose the cause of your Ill being. Call to get assessed.

Botanical Medicine

Herbal Treatment options can help us manage our health naturally. Teas, tinctures, supplements and local applications are some ways to do this


Homeopathy is a unique approach based on the law of similars, which uses case taking and analysis to determine the small dose of specific agents using the principle of like vs like to treat and bring your well being back into balance.

Functional Medicine

We look at your various deficiencies and excesses, be it nutritional and dietary or environmental influences and suggest treatment options and tools to optimize your well being including handing you the tools for self care.

Functional Medicine Lab Tests

We offer laboratory test requisitions be it for your basic testing or to look for hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiencies or antioxidant and environmental toxins or heavy metals to scientifically pinpoint deficiencies responsible for a lack of well being.

Counselling & Mental Health Support

Anxiety and Stress are inevitable in this brave new world of today. So do you have the skills to keep balanced and keep the ill effects of these disruptive emotions at bay. Whether its just everyday stress handling or a seasonal depression or an acute episode, We can help with counselling and mental health support with supportive techniques and skills, diet and nutritional supplements

Integrative Cancer Care

We understand that cancer is a huge diagnosis to deal with. We are here to help support your journey through your various treatments, and make positive changes aimed at mitigating unpleasant effects and recurrences. Diet and Nutrition, Supplements and Botanicals, and Homeopathics can help support you in your cancer healing journey through ongoing anticancer research and side effects of chemo and radiation therapy.