Mitochondria, that ubiquitous energy powerhouse of our cells are gaining more and more importance!

This where all the energy is produced to power our brain cells. So, as we age, their power to provide sufficient energy to power the brain also wanes. A recent article in “New Scientist” states that per the “grand unified theory” of neurodegeneration, decreased function of these energy houses may be behind cognitive decline, especially in those various neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s to name a few.

So it makes sense to use strategies increase the health and recharge these energy producing organelles.

What are some of these strategies to do this? Actually, some of them are quite simple, like exercise (that quintessential golden bullet!)

Exercise stimulates mitochondria and reduces neurodegeneration.

Dietary changes, certain foods, and some nutritional supplements can help recharge and replace old mitochondria to provide better energy production, better cognitive function, and healthier ageing. See your naturopath to learn more about these healthy ageing measures can help you age gracefully, and keep your brain healthy